BeagleV Fire Unboxing – It runs Ubuntu with a Linux 6.1 Kernel!

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Previous Video: https://youtu.be/OhjAqnWa1U8
Reddit Discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/Platima/comments/1atfms8/beaglev_fire_the_quad_core_1_riscv_devboard_with/
Documentation: https://docs.beagleboard.org/latest/boards/beaglev/fire/02-quick-start.html
Forums: https://forum.beagleboard.org/c/beaglev/15
Milk-V Duo Case: https://www.printables.com/model/602054-milk-v-duo-basic-case

Shop: https://shop.plati.ma
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=9252344
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Other Channel: youtube.com/@Platima

Power Consumption
– Booted and Idle at Login: ~495mA @ 5V (2.48W)
– Booted and Idle at Loader: ~490mA @ 5V (2.45W)
– Running Geekbench 5 Multi-Core: ~670mA @ 5V (3.35W)

Geekbench Results
– v5: 22 single / 72 multi (https://browser.geekbench.com/v5/cpu/22234049)
– v6: 20 single / 60 multi (https://browser.geekbench.com/v6/cpu/4971570)

00:00 – Intro
01:13 – Housekeeping
03:07 – Thanks PCBWay
05:18 – Important Housekeeping
05:53 – Unboxing
07:03 – Features & Up-Close
10:01 – Documentation & Software
10:27 – Power Consumption
11:28 – Flashing over USB
15:40 – First Boot (w Timing)
16:34 – Testing the User Environment
18:28 – Flashing over USB
23:07 – Thermal Measurements
24:12 – Case Giveaway
26:20 – Testing the WebUI (cockpit)
28:24 – What’s Unique & Final Thoughts
29:51 – Thanks and Outro

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19 thoughts on “BeagleV Fire Unboxing – It runs Ubuntu with a Linux 6.1 Kernel!

  • I like that management UI, could see it and openwrt getting together and sharing notes.

  • Ohio loves free pcb rulers. 😜
    Great stuff man. Im loving the content. Cant wait to play along at home here in a couple weeks. Untill then much love.

  • The first hurdle for any system with an FPGA is: finding and learning the FPGA development tools. For many companies (cough Xilinx cough) that's a huge download, that sits on a PC.
    If the FPGA Dev tools can downloaded AND run from the Beagle 5, that's a major point and needs to be covered.

  • Suspect the thermal imaging is viewing the metal/reflected heat rather than the actual surface temperature. Try placing a sticker on the chips and try again?

  • Well, I am in USA Wisconsin and I don't mind buying from your shop if it supports you. You work on lots of the same stuff that I do.

  • The only gripe I have about this board is the JTAG connector. They could have included micro JTAG connectors like the one on Ox64. Spending 40$ on a Tag-Connect is insane.

  • That is a really cool board 😎👍
    Would be cool with a video showing how to create some basic fpga 'programs'
    Tip: Add some black electrical tape when you try to measure the temperature of shiny surfaces with IR

  • ha, you are younger than me, get with the 'ip' tools. I know ifconfig is strong with the muscle memory but ip is much more logical once you get used to it.

  • Never trusted beaglebone since I got one with the Omap processor years ago. There was a bunch of boards that had a revision just before the new model that could not even boot linux. Not cheap either. They just blamed Ti for stopping to support the chipset, and ignored me.

  • Follow up with a "blink the LED" simple type of FPGA graph and cover the tools to synthesize and put into use? Way over my level of "FPGA sounds scary" understanding but I would love to see more examples of this at an introductory level. There must be some people viewing that might become interested in development with FPGA that just don't know how useful it is yet.

  • Thanks for another great video and I look forward to grabbing some cases for my Milk-V Duo's once you get them in your shop.
    Beagle have been ahead of the curve supporting RISC-V and the inclusion of an FPGA makes this board very interesting 🤔

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