BiXS – Basics of Linux

Basics of Linux operating system. The training starts with the history and basics on computers. The highlights of the session includes different operating systems, concept of bits, basics of Linux and tiny practical demonstration. This is very basic. And we encourage to take more detailed understanding of Linux. And keep a target of installing Linux in your machine which gives us happy to motivate you to install Linux and use it in your daily life.

It is a basic session, which is part of BiXS conducted by bioclues.org to the school chidlren. Suitable to 12-18 Years. For more information about the BiXS please visit https://bioclues.org/bifx-for-schools /. And strongly recommend to join the course whenever it happens next time which is conducted by Bioclues. As part of which from TMS intern gave the presentation.


by BharatYuva

linux foundation