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CCNA/CCENT 200-120: IPv4 Address Types 20/84 Free Video Training Course

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• CCNA/CCENT Routing and Switching Training Series
(100-101 ICND1, 200-101 ICND2, 200-120 CCNAX exams)

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• 100-101 ICND1
• 200-101 ICND2
• 200-120 CCNAX

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8 thoughts on “CCNA/CCENT 200-120: IPv4 Address Types 20/84 Free Video Training Course

  • Hey Andrew,  been watching your Vids so far, and going to go for CCNA,  have you done a class on youtube where you go through all the Commands you use to configure Routers and Switches??

  • Just wanted to add a little note to the ping of the loopback address of . You can actually type 'ping loopback' into cmd prompt and it'll fulfil the same function.

  • Hi I just want to say thank you for the videos. I recently started studying for CCNA. I even bought your notes too. My concern is that I usually watch your video and it helps me to understand better in reading but sometimes i get lost in reading because the book goes much in depth and extra stuff. Should I just read over and over until I understand everything? or should I just focus what you go over in the lecture? and How long does it take to get CCNA? I'm trying to study atleast 6 hrs a day. Thanks again

  • Holy McDonalds you just made my knowledge of subnetting more clear. I never understood how binary 010 worked with the 128 64 etc but now it is clearer. Once I finish all these vids I will sit for that test.

  • Andrew tnx for all ur hard work. can u teach us somethig about lixux os plzzzzz
    I wanna learn linux os completly 

  • I can't get this one video to load 🙁  All the others work

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