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Devuan Linux 3.0.0

Today I am looking at Devuan Linux a distribution based on Debian without systemd. You have you choice of SysInitV or open.rc to use for you services handler. The default package repos are based on debian stable which you can change if you like using the suggested configurations from the Devuan website. I recommend if you use this that you should get a copy of the debian administrators handbook which can be found here:

There is a section on SysInitV which you will probably will want to review, after recording this video I looked up how Devuan handled the different runlevels in SysInitV and here they are:

• Level 0 is only used temporarily, while the computer is powering down. As such, it only contains many “K” scripts.
• Level 1, also known as single-user mode, corresponds to the system in degraded mode; it includes only basic services, and is intended for maintenance operations where interactions with ordinary users are not desired.
• Level 2 is the level for normal operation, which includes networking services, a graphical interface, user logins, etc.
• Level 6 is similar to level 0, except that it is used during the shutdown phase that precedes a reboot.

This quite a bit different from the way UNIX did it, but it is Linux 🙂

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