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Disturbing Sites on The Deep Web #9

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Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! This time we take a look at more sites from the dark/deep web and discover pages written by those who can’t let the tamest of stories go, something known as the Sitcom theory and few guides on how to keep yourself safe on the Internet. Thanks for watching!
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37 thoughts on “Disturbing Sites on The Deep Web #9

  • Looks like my comment about webRTC got shaved. Anyway. Google can get a list of USB devices at anytime and associate it to your device without a whisper from the browser.

  • You sell a shaver about as good as your really expensive windows simulator.

  • 21:49 "Ping pong"? I think it's called (in it's full name) Stand Up Ping Pong, which is a racket sport distinguished by its playing surface being atop a flat ground, rather than the stationary table which players stands around.

  • muta questioning “WHAT IS ZAZA?” in a sitcom theory page was really funny to me

  • Muta just ride the TTC. You think the dark web is fucked, ride local transit. Infinitely worse by far.

  • lol I love how mad someone is about Ouran Highschool Hostclub. It really ain’t that deep and is a fun watch.

  • that first site is the most glowie shit ever lmao

  • Man this is some deep tumblr blog type content

  • The controlled opposition claim about Google/Firefox is actually entirely true and public knowledge. Google is Firefox's biggest financier, paying them $500m/yearly to keep Google as the default search engine. They do this, because without Firefox, regardless of their small market share, they would get into trouble with anti monopoly stuff. They have a vested interest in Firefox having continued, albeit meager, success.

  • Remember the real authentic feeling you had, when Muta was doing the The Deep Web series at night?
    Now it's less immersive due to the daylight while filming

  • wasn’t the whole “protein monster” thing also featured on #7 of the recent dark web series? I searched and I don’t think “protein baby” was ever a real thing so kinda strange it appeared in both lol.

  • firefox is actually funded by google there is a article that talks about it that dude is also right about discord being complete spyware

  • Is it me or Muta looks kind of handsome in this video? Maybe it's the hair lmao

  • I've never seen such content like this it's really interesting how you unfold the way you dissect these things, it's so intriguing keep it up man it's wild 🐆

  • man the story of the twins ain't that hard to grasp, all of those kids lived in a bubble, Haruhi popped their bubble and they grew up as adults instead of remaining as spoiled children living in a dream with no confrontations to put it bluntly… the end of the show is basically where their true lives begins with some ray of hope instead of being stuck in a circle. their paths opened, kinda easy to see that.

  • I would love to see MUTA do a video on the fediverse (stupid name i know)

  • I can confirm, the place shown at 22:32 is in Zagreb, Croatia. Been there a bunch of time. I wouldn't rly call it a liminal place, it's got people in there all the time, as it's in the dead center of the city. No idea how it relates to the rest of the stuff from that website tho

  • Mutahar is not sexist. He vows to watch shoujo anime & calls the ladies "Bro."

  • Ouran highschool is just a surface level goofy anime, like why is there an entire website ranting about the lore behind it? 😂

  • Muta’s voice doesn’t match his face and I love it.

  • 14:29 the Hiitachins only play up the twinc* st act for their fujoshi clients. In reality they're both straight and one of them has a crush on Haruhi.

    Yes, it's anime/manga canon and they do it in almost every episode.

    The person who made that website should just read the manga if they want resolution.

    Edit: btw I recommend watching Ouran High School if you have the time, it's actually really hilarious!

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