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Face Unlock Demonstration on the HTC EVO 4G LTE

By request, here is a video demonstrating the Face unlock feature on the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE. I am thoroughly impressed with the speed of it, but have an issue with it…
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28 thoughts on “Face Unlock Demonstration on the HTC EVO 4G LTE

  • try formatting the card while it is in your phone. and then put the music on it again

  • hi…. can you help me?
    i'm trying to listen to music on my memory card…
    i already went to the media but i can't find the SanDisk 2GB that i put in the sprint 4g lte any suggestion is welcome…

  • Do you have a certain theme or skin on? Really diggin the look

  • I did it on the htc one x and we used me and the saleswoman and i was unable to do it using my face, but she could since we used hers to set it up

  • i believe the face unlock is to replace the pattern or the passcode option but not to replace the default lock screen, especially if you want access to the 4 icons you setup on the lock screen. It is working the way it is supposed to

  • Now get a picture of yourself and point it in front of your phone. For everyone, just stick with pattern or pin lock. Face lock is just a gimmick witch could be unlock by a picture of yourself. Like I posted earlier it's a goofy thing you could do :p

  • Umm it looks like shouldn't use it….. FLYGRIP THAT EVO

  • I love it… on my HTC One S. People look at me like what just happen and they end up asking how I did that. I explain is only done with Android phone not with Iphones. They look at their phone and ask me more question about the phone. That's when I say yeah, yeah in head and continue answering question with a Kool Aid smile. So is a win, win…

  • I have the HTC One S… the reason they did it is if you want to use one off the icons in the lock screen you could but is it going to ask for your face. Just trying it…

  • Hey, can you do a Evo 4g lte vs galaxy nexus comparison

  • I found it kinda disappointed..
    Good thing is my E4GT doesn't work like this just straight face unlock.

    Hopefully they fix the way that works on the upcoming phones

  • Its probably because of the app shortcuts from the lock screen

  • The reason why the lock screen is the way it is, is for the wallpaper option.

    go to settings-> Personalize-> Lock screen style.

    There you will see different options to displayed on the lock screen.

    I use the "Productivity" which is great for taking a quick glance at your phone without having to unlockit. It'll show my missed calls, texts, email and calender.

    Now a goofy thing you could do with face look is; take a picture of yourself on another phone, and display it infront of the lock phone

  • whatever i had automatic update comments so apparently he just submitted right before by a few seconds

  • The lock screen is for the shortcuts. Maybe if you remove the shortcuts it will not use the lock screen.

  • Thats no faster than using the Epic Touch for face unlock. Since you are turning the phone on, you have to unlock the screen and then you can use the Face Unlock. To me its slower

  • QB the bad thing about this is that if someone has a pic of u and put it up 2 ur phone it will unlock also tat not secured @ lease 4 me try let me knw what u think

  • wonder if its a fluke that it just passes the face unlock i wonder if you face it towards someone else and if it works?

  • I take it you finally have gotten better internet speeds for these videos to come out faster, love all of your Demonstration videos and features. Keep it up! 🙂

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