Fix TEKKEN 8 Fatal Error/LowLevelFatalError On PC

Fix TEKKEN 8 LowLevelFatalError on Windows 11/10 PC,Fix TEKKEN 8 Polaris-Win64-Shipping Error
Step 1) Restart your PC
Step 2) Run the game from the game installation folder, try running as an administrator, disable full screen optimization
Step 3) Try compatibility mode.
Step 4) Try these in launch options
Step 5) Update Windows 10/11 to the latest version, Use Media Creation tool to update your Windows
Step 6) Install Visual C++ Files-
Step 7) Verify the game files
Step 8) Do a clean installation of Graphics card driver
Step 9) Laptop users with dual graphics card: Run the game on dedicated graphics card
Step 10) Delete temp files
Step 11) Allow the game to Antivirus program and Windows Security
Step 12) Delete the save game files (You will lose all the game progress)
Step 13) Unplug hotas, wheel, pedals, mouse, Razer Tartarus, disconnect all the additional USB adapter connected to PC, disconnect additional joystick/controllers connected, disconnect multiple monitors, disable Steam Overlay, close all the overlay apps (Discord, GeForce Experience, Nvidia shadow play overlay, AMD overlay), Close all the overclocking app such as MSI Afterburner, riva tuner etc. Turn off Razer Synapse (razor lighting effects) and MSI Dragon Center, corsair software, end nahimic services & lightingservice.exe in task manager, close Firefox/chrome browser and third-party app, remove the undervolt, perform clean boot
Step 13) Increase the Virtual Memory:
View Advanced system settings
Initial Size: 1.5 x Total Ram
Maximum Size: 3 X Total Ram
Step 14) If able to launch the game, switch to Windowed mode and lower down video settings
Step 15) Update System BIOS
Step 16) Uninstall the game, delete the game files, restart your PC and reinstall the game to C Drive/Another SSD

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