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FREE CCNA Lab 007: Inter-VLAN Routing (Router on a Stick)

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In this free CCNA/CCENT lab you will configure inter-VLAN routing by the method known as ‘router on a stick’.


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29 thoughts on “FREE CCNA Lab 007: Inter-VLAN Routing (Router on a Stick)

  • wow this is amazing, the confidence and abilities acquired from the practice, and the concise theory you provide is indescribable. Truly appreciate your work man

  • can u please explain the native vlan concept regarding this activity?

  • Followed everything still couldn’t ping other vlans untill I did command vlan allowed all on all trunk ports.

  • The connection between the two Switches you use Straight thru cables (I thought connecting same devices must user Cross-cable or the Switch is Auto-MDIX ready?) Thanks just asking I am a beginner CCNA Students studying Online 🙂

  • Hello, im pretty new in networking, and many things i dont unserstand. I know some pretty basic stuff like seitches routers, osi model, protocols etc. What course should i pass to be able to watch your videos and understand everything?

  • Hi, im new and i found your video is very easy to understand
    But can you explain the subnet part where pc 1 and pc 3 can ping each other, is it because of the ip you set? Why setting is different from

  • is there any reason you wouldn't configure a sub int on the router for the native vlan? I was under the impression that you had to create a sub int for vlan 1 with the "encapsulation dot1q 1 native" sub interface command?

  • Pros and Cons of adding the VLANs to the trunks between the two switches – By default I guess it is getting all of them – but is that a best practice?

  • Hello Jeremy's
    I am following your labs. I am learning a lot of things. But currently, I have been stuck in this lab. On my end, both VLANs are not Pinging. I have made this topology 4 times and configured it but always the VLANs are not pinging. What is the solution? Please help

  • Thank you very much, these labs helps us understand the otherwise difficult theories.
    I am working on the server side, but these basic networking skills are invaluable in the daily trouble shooting process. Thanks millions.

  • There is a single network which is where is the second network? if the PC1 and PC2 both are in same network and connected with same switch they should ping each other

  • what configuration did you make to the original file such that, in the original setup, PC1 cannot ping PC2 or PC4 and PC2 cannot ping PC1 or PC3?

  • Hi Jeremy, when I was pinging using pc1, I discovered that the packet sent 4,received 3 and lost 1=25% loss, pls what happened, I await your response

  • Hello Jeremy, thank you for a brilliant channel. I cannot seem to open the pkt lab files. Error: file cannot open on your version of packet tracer ( I have a Dell laptop (new), though everything works fine on my Macbook pro. any comments?

  • This one exercise test your subnetting, VLAN, Swithing, Routing and trunking. Love it. Thanks for doing all this work for us all. I will not miss a chance to to express how great your courses are. Absolutely recommended.

  • why did u skip over the default gateway section so fast – that part was important

  • as you said in previous lab the switch you are using supports only one encapsulation. at step 1 vlan is not configured yet. that ,mean all pc's are on the same vlan, vlan 1 (native vlan). so, why is not pinging to all?

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