Hands-on containerisation: chiseling .NET 8 applications with Ubuntu

Ubuntu Summit 2023 Day 2 (04 November 2023)

Hands-on containerisation: chiseling .NET 8 applications with Ubuntu by Cristovao Cordeiro, Richard Lander

Immerse yourself in this guided workshop led by Richard Lander—Program Manager for .NET— and Valentin Viennot —Product Manager for Ubuntu container images.

This hands-on session will guide you through the process of containerising .NET applications using Ubuntu. You will be guided through the creation of minimal OCI images yet maximising security and efficiency in your applications.

Whether you’re new to containers or looking to improve your skills, you will walk away from this session with a practical understanding of constructing secure and lightweight containers, designed for a seamless from development to production journey.

Link to talk details and author bio: https://events.canonical.com/event/31/contributions/278/

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