How to install and configure CSF (Config Server Firewall) on CentOS 7 | VPS Tutorial

Config Server Firewall, also known as CSF for short, is a suite of firewall applications for Linux servers. CSF can also detect unauthorized logins or intrusions for services such as SSH, SMTP, IMAP, Pop3, commands, su, and many more. CSF can detect when someone is logging into the server via SSH and alert you when this user tries to use commands us on the server to use higher commands like using root.

CSF also checks and prevents invalid logins on mail services such as (Exim, IMAP, Dovecot, UW-IMAP, Kerio), OpenSSH server, Ftp server (Pure-ftpd, vsftpd, Proftpd). CSF is a very good security solution for hosting servers and can be integrated into the user interfaces (UI) of WHM/cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Webmin.

How to Install and configure CSF (Config Server Firewall) on CentOS 7

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