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How to open a port on Linux | VPS Tutorial

Before we learn about opening a port on Linux, let’s understand what network ports are. A port is a communication endpoint. Within an operating system, a port allows the data packets to specific processes or network services.

Typically, ports identify a specific network service assigned to them. This can be changed by manually configuring the service to use a different port, but in general, the defaults can be used.

The first 1024 ports (Ports 0-1023) are referred to as well-known port numbers and are reserved for the most commonly used services including SSH (port 22), HTTP, HTTPS (port 80 and 443), etc. Port numbers above 1024 are referred to as ephemeral ports.

Among ephemeral ports, Port numbers 1024-49151 are called the Registered/User Ports. The rest of the ports, 49152-65535 are called Dynamic/Private Ports.

In this tutorial, we will show how we can open an ephemeral port on Linux since the most common services use well-known ports.

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