How to Play IW4X with Controller Support (FREE!) *EASY INSTALL* | FULL MW2 Tutorial with Download

Welcome to Modern Warfare 2 Remastered!
IW4X Download Link (Torrent):
Controller Support Files:
DS4 Windows (PS3/PS4 controller):
IW4X Official Discord:
IW4X Errors (find yours):
IW4 Repair Guide:
DS4 Install Tutorial:
IW4X Controller Tutorial:

CUSTOM CAMOS: You can search on YouTube “IW4X Custom Camos” to find more
Slise’s FaZe & Other teams Camo pack:
90’s themed Camo Pack:
Previous COD Camo Pack:

Shoutout to Slise!


Things I want to say again:
-You do NOT need MW2 to play this game (100% FREE TO PLAY)
-You can run this game on ANY PC (even laptops)
-You can only play on Windows
0:00 Intro
0:25 How to Download IW4X for Free
1:15 Video Settings/Unlock all
1:47 How to Use PS/Xbox Controller on PC
2:25 Download/Install Controller Support Files
3:30 Controller Settings inside MW2
4:13 How to Play/Find Servers with Tips
5:32 Fix ANY Error you encounter now or in the future
6:55 Automatically Update/Repair your game
7:22 Get Support/Help from IW4X Discord
7:53 How to Install Custom Camos
10:12 Come Trickshot with Me LIVE ON TWITCH
10:43 Come Trickshot with Me LIVE ON TWITCH


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