Installing Doom Emacs for the non-programmers (Windows & Linux)

00:00 intro
00:27 Demo of Doom Emacs (My Setup)
00:50 Windows installation
13:44 Linux installation

I use this setup everyday, for task management, creating pptx files, docx files, book notes, writing my own books, blogging, and just about anything I can get away with doing it in Doom Emacs.

This is for writers (i.e. non-programmers). If that’s you, I’m sure you’ll have questions. I’ll try to answer then if you ask them.

I included most of the problems I ran into while installing Emacs and Doom Emacs because I wanted you to see how I got around them.

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DOOM EMACS install (linux)
git clone –depth 1 https://github.com/hlissner/doom-emacs ~/.emacs.d
~/.emacs.d/bin/doom install

if you run into problems after install, run this:
~/.emacs.d/bin/doom sync

🖥️ https://abepeters.com
📽️ https://lbry.tv/@biblecraft:f
🧰 https://github.com/bc-abe/doom-emacs
🎙 https://anchor.fm/poetsphilosophers

Day Like These

source by Abe Peters – Bible Study

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