Installing SNMP On Server

It wouldn’t be a server without monitoring enabled. In this video I do a simple SNMP setup so I can monitor it with LibreNMS

source by Tall Paul Tech

simple network management protocol

2 thoughts on “Installing SNMP On Server

  • I would suggest you try observium, the free version which has so many statistics and nice graphs. I am running it for 3 years now and it is awesome with its fair share of small problems but I would highly suggest it.

  • If you were doing a server deployment like this for a customer, would you install and configure everything separately, step by step like in these videos or would you apt install all the things in one hit and then step through the config?
    I can see the benefit to chunking it up sequentially (whoops something stopped working – what changed?), but this seems like it would prolong the down time.

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