Installing Windows on Hetzner Virtual Server: The Ultimate Guide

This tutorial video provides a detailed step-by-step guide on how to install the Windows operating system on a virtual server hosted on Hetzner, a popular hosting provider. The video covers all the necessary steps from start to finish, including creating and configuring the virtual server, installing Windows on it, and connecting to the server. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, this video will help you set up a Windows virtual server on Hetzner quickly and easily.

windows server


Alice AUSTIN is studying Cisco Systems Engineering. He has passion with both hardware and software and writes articles and reviews for many IT websites.

19 thoughts on “Installing Windows on Hetzner Virtual Server: The Ultimate Guide

  • any extra cost if we install windows? thanks

  • these ISO images already there in Hetzner panel or you uploaded them? and what about Microsoft Windows Licenses? and what if I wanna upload my own ISO?

  • This does not work on their dedicated CPU cloud servers, unfortunately. What do I need to change to make it work?

  • Salam mənim serverimiz dondurublar xəbərdarlıq etmədən mən nə edim xahiş edirəm kömək edin mənə

  • Cool video. Too bad, that they have this stupid policy where you have to send them picture of your passport or they will delete your account without warning. I will never send anyone picture of my password so I take my money somewhere else…

  • The Windows images are no longer present with an Ubuntu installation. Is that so?

  • Damn I am so happy to watch this video, I was searching for it so much time. Thank you man

  • Great job. Would you please show us instalation for pfsense on hetzner too? Thanks man

  • That was really clear! And I loved the soundtracks soooo much! 🙂 Thank you

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