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It is the festive season, and we’ll be diving into some Christmasy-themed cyber security challenges courtesy of none other than our friends at Hack the Box.

This year, we’re doing things a bit differently. We’re not dreaming of a white Christmas, and the big guy is not wearing red. This year, we’re having a Blue Christmas!

Meaning we are going to be the defenders, fighting the good fight, and investigating some cyber-attacks.

To do this, we will use the Hack The Box Sherlocks, which are defensive challenges we can use to explore and investigate various cyber attacks.

This Christmas, they are releasing several Christmas-themed Sherlocks called Operation Tinsel Trace, for absolutely free!

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6 thoughts on “Learn to Investigate Real-world Cyber Attacks for FREE | Hack The Box Sherlocks

  • I find Sherlock Cyber Analysis is so boring; because they are so easy; it's mostly just reading a history from their data dump of the vulnerable computer, without all the investigative work that narrows down those vulnerability possibilities; I like learning about things like HIPS Algorithms more; because it involves dynamic automated database analysis.

  • Very good stuff mate. Your content are absolutely fantastic. 🎉🎉

  • What are the odds of me watching my first ever CertBros video just as you release your first video in 12 months?

  • Nice… I'll have to dedicate some time later to do a walk through. As always great content 👌 👏 👍. Joyous holidays.

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