Linux User Space Season 2 Episode 3 – KaOS Theory

**Coming up in this episode**
1. We guard the wires
2. Make a little KaOS
3. Ring your LaraBEL
4. Cover up some oopsies
5. And the next distro will be…

* [Wireguard](

* [KaOS](
* [About KaOS](
* [Contact info for KaOS](
* [KaOS Wikipedia page](
* [KaOS earliest blog post – 2013](
* [Community friction?](
* [Calamares Installer](
* [KaOS Forum](
* [KaOS online package viewer](
* [KCP – KaOS Community Packages](
* [KaOS Documentation](
* [Croeso](
* [Linux Foundation Community Bridge support](


* Name – **KaOS**
* Base System – **KaOS – Arch inspired but independant**
* Desktop Environment – **Plasma**
* File Manager – **Dolphin*
* Package Manager – **pacman**
* Graphical Package Manager – **Octopi**
* Kernel – **Rolling 5.12 as of today**
* Display Manager – **SDDM**
* **Wayland or X11** –
* Main Dev: [Anke Boersma – Demmm](

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App Focus
This episode’s app:
* [Timeshift](

Next Time
**We discuss topics and Feedback that impact your User Space**

**Our distro is [Arch Linux](**

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