Live Linux Training (RHCSA+RHCE) For Members | Session-19 | Local User Management in Linux

Complete RHEL 8 Training Course (RHCSA+RHCE) Contents:
1) Linux history
2) Installation of RHEL 8 in EC2 (AWS) Or VMWare
3) Filesystem hierarchy
4) Getting help & man Pages
5) Working with directories
6) Working with files
7) working with file contents
8) Shell expansion: Command & Arguments
9) Shell expansion: Control Operators
10) Shell expansion: Shell variables
11) Shell expansion: Shell Embedding & Options
12) Shell expansion: Shell History
13) Shell expansion: File Globing
14) Pipes & Commands: I/O Redirection
15) Pipes & Commands: Filters
16) Basic Unix Tools
17) Regular expressions
18) VI Editor
19) User, Password & Group Management
20) Standard file permissions
21) Advanced file permissions
22) Access control lists
23) File links
24) Process Management: introduction, process priorities & background jobs
25) Disk Management: Disk Devices, Partitions, Filesystems, Mounting, UUID, RAID, LVM, iSCSI, etc.
26) Boot Management: RHEL 8 Boot Process, Bootloader, Systemd & Targets
27) Future Task Scheduling: at & crontab
28) System Logging Management
29) Memory Management
30) Resource Monitoring & Management
31) Package Creation & Management: rpmbuildup, RPM, YUM & DNF
32) Network Management: interface configuration, Configure dynamic and static network settings for IPv4/IPV6 and filter packets, routing table, SSH, NFS etc.
33) Kernel Management: About Linux Kernel, Library Management, Parameter Tuning & Kernel Compilation.
34) Backup Management
35) System Services and Security: Configure and manage system logging, time synchronization, printers, and task automation.
36) Server Security: Firewall & SELinux.
37) Basic Shell Scripting
38) Server Configuration: SSH, Telnet, FTP, NFS, CIFS/SMB, DNS, DHCP, NTP (Chrony), MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, Puppet, Docker, Ansible, LDAP, NIS, iSCSI Target/Initiator, Jenkins, Web Servers HTTP/HTTPS, Nginx, Zabbix, NagiOS, YUM servers, Postfix, Sendmail, Dovecot, Squirrel Mail etc.
39) Reset Forgotten Root Password & Grub Password
40) Kickstart Installation of RHEL 7
41) Swap Space Management
42) High Availability Cluster Server
43) Virtualization in RHEL 8: XEN & KVM
44) RHEL Subscription Management
45) Upgrading from RHEL 7 to RHEL 8
46) Multifactor Authentication in RHEL 8
47) SSH Port Forwarding
48) Rescue System: Repair InitRAMFS
49) RHEL 8 New Features: Startis Filesystem, Cockpit Web Console, Lorex Composer Runtime, Podman Containers, Firewalld (NFTables), Chronyd (NTP), DNF & Much More.
50) Complete EC2 Module of AWS

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