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Lucky Mobile APN Settings | How to ADD 4G LTE APN on Lucky Mobile Canada

If you are having trouble using the data on your phone that is running on the Lucky Mobile network, or you just bought a new phone and are trying to set it up with your Luck y Mobile SIM Card in Canada, then you should take a look at the Lucky Mobile APN Settings, or also called mobile data settings, which is required for the internet to work properly on the phone
First, do make sure you have a valid data plan activated and the mobile data in ON
Next make sure the phone is unlocked or it can use a Lucky Mobile Sim card.
So to setup the APN Settings on an Android PHone, you should go to:
Settings (you can either slide down the notification bar and hit on the gear like icon, or just go to the apps menu and tab on the Settings APP).
Now depending on the make and model of your phone, you need to tab on Connections and then Mobile Network, or tab on More and then Mobile Network. Now you should see Access Point Names, and once there, hit the menu option and select Create or Add new APN
Use the following information:
Name: Lucky Mobile
APN: connect
Proxy: Not Set
Port: Not Set
username: not set or try wapuser1
password: not set or try wap
APN type: default,supl, MMS – for some Samsung devices, you should see a radio button that says internet+MMS, so use this one

After typing in all the information, Tab on Save and Exit the menu. If things are working fine you should see a small icon on the upper right hand corner that says LTE or 4G, or H, 3G in some cases. Please open a browser and load your favorite web site to see if it works.

for more info, you can check this article on our blog:

Lucky Mobile Canada APN Settings

if you are using an iPhone, check this video out:


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21 thoughts on “Lucky Mobile APN Settings | How to ADD 4G LTE APN on Lucky Mobile Canada

  • thank you so much, this video is super useful

  • Thanks for this video it help me a lot!!! Lucky mobile send me a message with a link showing me how to change my apn but i don't work for me😞

  • nothing work no call txt or internet and i ad an email said my sim is activated.. i did everything in the video nothing work whit galaxy a03s

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    For example, activate a Lucky Mobile SIM card with a Luck Mobile Gift Card?

  • APN settings, does this give lucky mobile access to true LTE speeds instead of throttled speeds, or does it just set up your phone to access the "lucky network"? Thanks.

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  • Thanks! Set up Lucky Mobile on my new phone. Works great!

  • Thanks for the info. I've Motorola Moto G7 phone, I never get full signals on Lucky mobile, only 1 to 2 bars. I don't get any signals in a basement area. I live 1 hour north from Toronto, ON. Is it the phone or lucky mobile's issue?

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  • Damn bro !!! It was super easy thanks to your video. Keep up the awesome content

  • Hi, I have Samsung s7. I have done all settings for APN mobile data is still not working . Still able to do phone calls.

  • It worked !!!! Thank you so much!!! I thought I needed to buy a new phone! Because according to Lucky website, my phone doesn't work with them …. I found your video and it was worth to try it. Thank youuuuu!!!

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  • It didn't work for me at all 🙁 I'm from Canada and just got lucky mobile on my brand new Samsung a8. I did everything the video said and still no data

  • Please leave a comment and let us know if these settings work for you. Thank you for watching

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