23 thoughts on “Mutt Wizard: Command Line Email at 156% Efficiency

  • Terminal email seems to be of limited use, since email has been infested with remote images and other crap you can't really parse in a terminal. Basically just as useless and frustrating as browsing the internet in the terminal.

  • How do I start out fresh? I think I tried setting it up but failed at a step, because it doesn't list any emails, but when I try to add mine it asks for a passphrase that I don't think I set

  • Three years ago you saved like 5 hours worth of my life time. I owe you one.

  • Can someone help me set this up step by step, I’m confusing myself with all these commands. Please and thank you.

  • I tried to install the Mutt-wizard on Debian container, but although it seems to install without errors it doesnt respond to mw or appear in apt list. I see a mw-debian compliance zip file – is this a script or replacement program for debian?

  • mutt-wizard is now in the Debian main repos (At least for Bookworm I didn't check Bullseye)

  • if anyone as of May 30th 2022 is having trouble logging into a Gmail account using mutt wizard, it's because Google has essentially made Gmail incompatible with it and all other SMTP-based email clients.

  • 5:00 I used 'linux' on the desktop for 20+ years and it's crazy (depressing?) that these vanilla gnome dialogs have not changed in appearance at all.

  • logon not successfull

    while trying to login with gmail

  • I have been checking your github thanks especially your dwm notes are wonderfull.

  • I swear by the mutt/neomutt email client. Nice light-weight way to keep track of your emails instead of having to keep a bloated browser open. Thank you for making the wizard Luke. It's priceless

  • Thanks so much Like! Does now the wizard automatically sync mails offline? It does not ask anymore during installation, like in your video.

  • Mutt wizard works so good i honesty didn’t think Mutt could work that well. I wanted to configure it myself but I finally caved, and wow was it a good decision. I’m going to give configuring my own mutt/mutt wizard one day but for now, this is just way better than anything I could’ve imagined

  • Interesting project man! Started using it today. I have one concern, there's any way I can speed up the "evaluating cache" time at startup? It takes around 1 minute to load my email, when I'm just interested in the first 10-15 emails most of the time. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.

  • Thank you for making this!! I was expecting to loose the entire night confituring mutt, but it took me literally 5 minutes. With notifications and everything!!

  • Hello Luke,
    Your videos are very interesting and useful.
    Please help me install and configure Neomutt for NeoVim v0.4.4. I will be very grateful for your help.

  • Is there a way to write replies with neomutt "injecting" reply text within HTML containing quoted message with all the formatting saved? I want to move to mutt, as I tired from problems with email sync and I want to control it myself. But people I work with will hate me forwarding/quoting emails losing all the formatting.

  • I got this working. Took a bit of debugging because of special characters in my passwords, but is nice.

  • I'm having exactly the same problem Satyam Bhardwaj stated a week ago.

  • This is not how mutt-wizard works now. There's no 'wizard' anymore just "mw -a mail@domain.com". Everytime it says log-on not successful without saying why. How am I supposed to debug this? Yeah yeah I know I'm stupid. Thanks Luke for stating the obvious.

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