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13 thoughts on “My ultimate team

  • I think you should give more importance to chemistry, me for example last year I had 16 chemistry and the time seemed like bronze, now I have 31 and they perform better than icons

  • Worst team bro wtf is that team you're using a 80 rated keeper with bronze and silvers on the bench, and before you say "is yours better", yes it is it's 90 rated with 33 Chemistry and I didn't spend any money I just grind but I touch grass

  • unfortunately my lowest rated player is 89 rated and is on the bench

  • I’m sorry about the other guy talking about the price n stuff u have a good team for starting this month 👍

  • Van dijk is 152k
    Ronaldo is 34k
    Bro your most expensive player os van dijk

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