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.NET 8 LIVE Coding – Building Blazor Movie

Join Bobby and Jacob to build a .NET 8/Blazor movie application from start to finish.

Blazor Movie App Repo:


0:00 – Start
01:38 – Intro
04:40 – Building Web Apps with Blazor
12:40 – Blazor Movie List App Demo (what we’ll build)
15:10 – Project setup
41:05 – Blazor Components
52:20 – Wireframes & Initial Pages
01:41:50 – Get data from TMDB API
02:19:40 – Build the page and add API data
03:07:15 – Routing & Details page data
03:38:21 – Building movie details page
04:50:55 – Paging
05:28:50 – Wrap Up

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