O3DE Robotics Simulator with Adam Dabrowski | VP of Robotics and Simulation at Robotec.ai

I would like to dedicate this episode to all the ROS developers who want to use large-scale realistic robotic simulations. If you are thinking of working in that direction, this podcast episode is dedicated to you!

Today we are going to talk a lot about simulation and how to do it with open-source code.

Now, let me introduce you, Adam Dabrowski. Adam is the VP of Robotics and Simulation at Robotec.ai where he and his team have developed the robotics part of Open 3D Engine, an alternative to do realistic large-scale simulations in ROS.

Welcome to the podcast Adam!

📓 Find the show notes here: https://www.theconstructsim.com/128-o3de-robotics-simulator/

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