OpenNMS 101 – Module 7: SNMP Traps

OpenNMS 101 is a series of videos containing most of the content of the formal OpenNMS training course given by The OpenNMS Group. For hands on instructor-led training, visit This content and supporting files can be found at

This lesson covers how to get SNMP traps configured in OpenNMS

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snmp protocol

4 thoughts on “OpenNMS 101 – Module 7: SNMP Traps

  • This video is one of the best explanations I have seen so far about the topic. Moreover realistic as there might be cases where you can not really find a mib with the OIDs sent. Anyway I have a question and I would appreciate if someone can answer it. In an scenario where OpenNMS will act as a southbound NMS, It means will send the alarms to a different umbrella, what is the MIB that is used?

  • Good tutorials sr! I have a question, what snmp can cover? I mean for data collector such as OS, ram, etc. I want to know if snmp gives you info about processor (model, and usage on graph), also what process such as ie, firefox, winrar are on execution. Or this is just possible with wmi?
    Thx for doing this vids, really usefull and well explained

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