'Quid pro quo:' Trump vowed to gut climate laws in exchange for $1B from oil bosses

Last month, Donald Trump summoned top lobbyists and executives from the oil and gas industry to Mar-a-Lago and proceeded to solicit a $1 billion bribe, multiple outlets report. In exchange, he would basically roll back all climate regulations and let the industry run wild in his second term.

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34 thoughts on “'Quid pro quo:' Trump vowed to gut climate laws in exchange for $1B from oil bosses

  • Only fools believe that tRump is working for the common citizen and the common good.😂🎉
    Since the 70's, he has been about himself.

  • Openly soliciting bribes. Wow. Trump is unfit. What honest and moral person could vote for this sleaze ball? The guy openly cheats at golf! I am pretty sure Trump monetized the secret documents he stole. He stored them in a room with an industrial grade photo copier. What sort of dummy votes for that?

  • Corruption is this man's motto. America ensure he never gets anywhere near the WH!!

  • Donald trump is a MENACE to SOCIETY.
    He is clearly a Danger to We the People, and also a danger to himself.
    He needs to be locked up in an Institution for the CRIMINALLY INSANE.

  • what did the donald do for the Saudi prince after the Saudi prince murdered an American. How did Jared the donald's 2 billion dollars from the Saudi prince Mohamed bin salmon.

  • LNG shut off and we need to pump 10 times more gas to supply. The world are gas in our oil is

  • You don’t care you know it’s legal your problem is trumps winning big and $1 billion which shut the lid down it’s over because that money would go to a get out the vote ballot harvesting net work in six swing states like nobody’s business

  • Like the Democrats do with the teachers union and Planned Parenthood and worst of all biting goes kids I’m gonna pay off your loans that would taxpayers money and then I’m gonna make the taxpayers pay for it to get your votes. Talk about a quick, pro pro and they want to say Trump says you like my apologies if you want them and acted, give me $1 billion invested in my campaign. They gave it to him. Why wouldn’t they?

  • He'll do anything just to get back to the office what an evil creature is this cant even call him human he is full of evil works and thoughts Is he asking for $ 1B each of these executives ???

  • Judges, please DO NOT forget that Trump used to be a president, he is not anymore. You will become the hero of the United States of America if you are the first judge who puts him in a cell. Remember that he wants to become a tyrant dictator in our country. If you continue giving him any consideration, he might become the dictator in chief. Guess what he is going to do?
    Also keep in mind that M. Johnson is in the second place. He will become the president if something happens to Trump if he were to win, first.


    We ALL know TRUMPTY is a FRAUDSTER CON MAN. This is his M.O. throughout his entire life, so he is very comfortable with BRIBING people not different from THREATENING and INSULTING people …………and it appears there is an AMERICAN DEMOGRAPHIC OF FOLLOWERS WHO ARE OK WITH BRIBERY AS WELL ……AND IN CONGRESS?????

    We ALL know there is CORRUPTION throughout the world. We are kept well-informed of CORRUPTION elsewhere ……but is looks like the U.S.A. may now be the MOST OPENLY CORRUPT SOCIETY ON THE PLANET.

    If the American Supreme Court is not going to get involved in this open BRIBERY ……then it is very clear that TRUMP is indeed going to destroy the world making himself the first TRILLIONAIRE in the process……which it is quite obvious is his objective.


  • You know there are corrupt Dems, but the GOP just teaches a masterclass in bribery

  • Buck that witch. He’s doing god knows what while he’s free and trying to escape Justice.

  • The Big Grift. Can you imagine what tRump would do with a billion dollars?
    He would spend it on himself

  • Greed of the likes of trump & oil Co would be the end of any chance of mitigating more severe weather events now and in coming decades.
    That is if we don't get blown to Andromeda first with global stupidity we have right now.

  • Trump can't NOT get into trouble. I realize that's a double negative-but it works.

  • If your aunt has nuts she’d be your uncle. If is his safe word for fleecing $$$ from all.

  • "I just want to find 11,780 votes…give me a break" — Trump 2020

    So pathetic.

    Fast forward to 2024…

    "I just need a billion dollars. That's all I need. Only a billion – you guys can afford it after making record profits this past year"

    Does anyone remember the movie The Jerk? Steve Martin is leaving his mansion after crushing lawsuits of the OptiGrab and on the way out he latches onto a lamp and other items while claiming "this is all I need".

    That's what we are dealing with here – I give you The Jerk.

  • The GOP has made us a "third world country" with the legalized bribery. If this act is not against the law, then bribery by foreign owned international companies is also OK, too?

  • So much for America! DJT is all about the dollar! If he gets reelected, America is finished!

  • I sometimes suspect these big oil execs are keeping oil prices high to make Biden look bad, all while we the consumers are paying high prices for everything.

  • Of course, if allowed to, Trump will roll back any rules or laws that help curb global warming. He did it the first time around. Set back the progress who knows how many years!

  • Trump is obviously insane he needs to read the Bible for it says in the Bible God will destroy those that destroy the Earth and by keep on pumping out oil out of the earth that is destroying the Earth as well as the atmosphere I pray Trump loses the election

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