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36 thoughts on “Reactions after Cm Punk Returns !!!

  • Jay n randy so ready for this bootsy gen to be gone n away.. 😂 they like thank GOD

  • Seth Rollin translation: fuck!

    I suck again!

    I won't get the same opportunities.

    Hes better than I am.

  • Rollins act like Punk wasn't the one who open the path for new stars like him

  • Seth just holding it down is all i wonder how hell act if jon comes back

  • cody: at least im the one who is being a gentleman in front of the ladies seth

  • It's all scripted peeps this was a work! They knew and they planted the seeds well! Let it simmer for a bit and we can watch the fireworks 🎇 go boom into the night!

  • I just love it how they start playing "War pigs" after Seth's tantrum and Punk just runs away like "no Black Sabbath for me tonight, thanks!" 😄

  • This is a great work, a feud between Punk & Rollins would be tight. One is coming back to prove he's still git it the other needs to prove he's the one that's been holding it down in his absence and is the future!

  • Jimmy was like look bro sorry for everything it wasn't very ucey of me , my bad I'm a changed man now! Yeet!

  • Just saying.. Graves look Hella good with that title in his hands

  • Good acting on Seths part, but we all know he’s not tough.
    He almost got beat up by a fat dopey fan a while back.

  • Jey and Randy just having the time of their lives in the background lol. I love it

  • Hopefully cm punk doesnt fuck up his career or become an endangerment again like in AEW.

  • if he was so mad why did yu let micheal cole hold yu back

  • Wrf was Michael Cole gonna do to stop Seth Rollins though 😂😂😂😂

  • it was only a matter of time b4 cmpunk returned and I felt it would be in Chicago.n what do you know.he returns.

  • This isn’t professional, his emotions came out. It’s business.

  • I love Seth Rollins but Cm Punk has always been my favorite …
    And seth reacting like he went bankrupt because of Punk 😂

  • 😂the reaction when your girlfriend/wife leaves you for another man

  • Yes because Michael Cole is capable of holding back a 6'1 225lbs extra fit man. Sounds like a work.

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