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Rivet SRT Basics: IP Address

Rivet is our application to help producers bring in remote guests to their live and on-demand shows. Today we kick off a new series looking at SRT basics with one of the most important components of a Rivet stream, the decoder address, better known as the IP address.

Rivet allows you to reach the widest possible contribution audience from anywhere around the globe. Your guest contributors can get a link that will open on almost any device (iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows)

The app is built on the open-source protocol SRT. It is a codec agnostic UDP Transport protocol created to deal with network congestion in order to help solve those 1st mile problems that come from less than ideal internet locations. Most importantly, Rivet offers secure authentication & advanced encryption standard options of 128, 192 & 256 encryption.

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Alice AUSTIN is studying Cisco Systems Engineering. He has passion with both hardware and software and writes articles and reviews for many IT websites.

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