Samsung Tablet 12.1 Repair – No WIFI. When NorthridgeFix Boomed

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28 thoughts on “Samsung Tablet 12.1 Repair – No WIFI. When NorthridgeFix Boomed

  • Back in 1990 or so, I worked at a repair centre fixing 8 bit computers (most from schools) and the early 32 bit ones. As we got paid per fix it was essential to recognise and fix faults quickly.

  • Well done on reaching 400k subscribers Alex. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why you had not reached a million. You have one of the best channels on YouTube. I look forward to every video. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I always listen until your little girl says "It's better than factory".

  • I remember watching the video back then and got the idea this channel knew what they were doing. Love to see you grow. Always hope for the best❤

  • I always remember when I sent in mine for the same repair. I called to check on it and you were actually working on it when I called….how cool was that? BTW, it still works perfectly 😀


  • So glad I saw this video. I have this exact tablet, which still works but that BT eventually did fail too. What chip is it? I may have to ship this item to you guys too, despite the costs.

  • Thanks, I have seen every one of your videos. Wish you had shown the tablet disassembly, that is just as much of an art as repairing them.

  • Figuring out that chip was key to you being more successful and buying that house. Go figure! 😮🙂 Also having to remove that cross, may be the butterfly effect that resulted in you buying that house, 4-5 years later.

  • Can you recommend or let us know which hot tweezers you use? I’ve been looking for a good one and all I can find is Amazon garbage

  • magnificent as always , greetings from Egypt my friend Hussain.

  • Maşallah.süpersin.
    Şipşak Tamir servisi.

  • I'd be worried about stabbing my hand on those pokey metal pieces! Just snip them off.

  • i've been making tickets on your website and i haven't been getting responses are you guys really busy right now?

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