Sarah Novotny | FINOS | OSSF Keynote: Enduring Lessons from 2020

Sarah Novotny | FINOS | OSSF Keynote: Enduring Lessons from 2020 | FINOS OSSF 2020

Sarah Novotny, Open Source Wonk, Azure Office of the CTO, Microsoft

Sarah Novotny’s BIO

Open Source Wonk, Azure Office of the CTO
My technological focuses have been in recent years Open Source; Cloud and Utility Computing; Infrastructure automation; and Data (big and small; relational and non-relational).

My calling, though, lies in sharing my excitement about technology and coalescing a group around a consistent vision. I love meeting people and rapidly assessing what information I need to impart in order to draw them into the vision or story that I have to share.

My background has consistently included leading operational IT and development teams as well as external facing work – Biz Dev; Sales Engineering; Customer Support; and, of course, Public Speaking. I enjoy bridging the gap between the business world and the tech world.


This video is from the FINOS / Linux Foundation Open Source Strategy Forum (OSSF) Virtual 2020.

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