SODACON2021 Day2 Main Track Cloud Native & Container Storage Future Should we debate

SODA Foundation organized it’s flagship event – SODACON on July 13-14, 2021, as a global virtual event. This year, we welcomed a record-breaking number of 1081 registrants and 700+ attendees from 25 countries, hosted 5 tracks, 9 keynotes, 4 panel discussions with over 50 sessions presented by 80+ industry experts, and had support from 20+ sponsors & partners.

SODA Foundation
SODA Foundation is an open-source project under the Linux Foundation that aims to foster an ecosystem of open-source data management and storage software for data autonomy. SODA Foundation offers a neutral forum for cross-project collaboration and integration and provides end-users quality end-to-end solutions.

Website: https://sodafoundation.io/
Github: https://github.com/sodafoundation
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sodafoundation
Documentation: https://docs.sodafoundation.io
Join SODA Slack: https://sodafoundation.io/slack
LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/soda-linkedin
Youtube: https://bit.ly/soda-youtube

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