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Sprint 4G LTE Network Speed Tests!

A video running through some Sprint 4G LTE speed tests that I randomly got! Again, keep in mind there are many variables that could have affected these speeds. I was more in shock of being connected to it than anything!
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These tests were taken in Elgin, IL



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42 thoughts on “Sprint 4G LTE Network Speed Tests!

  • Crazy how 10 years later this carrier doesn’t even exist anymore

  • The HTC shift Eagle in Sprint authorized dealers of the ACs been stolen it belongs to me so replacing it for the Samsung Galaxy J-3 emerge unlimited everything now landlines mobile phone cell phone and wireless network

  • those speeds are bad sprint has much faster lte

  • Could it have been the building ha a network built on it like my work building , also so u have 4g lte now ? I'm In Los Angeles and returned my gs4 because we had no 4g lte , lame 🙁

  • Those speeds are slower than t mobile 4g hspa.I use to have a samsung galaxy s3 on sprint though not long ago and i got 4g lte connection in lithia springs florida the speeds exceeded 23mbps it was great but when it came back to 3g the speeds were slower than 2g

  • Does the signal actually display "4GLTE", or does it only show 4g? LTE looks a lot cooler

  • To check and see if you'll get 4G LTE through Sprint, either google Sprint 4G LTE, and it'll take you to the site.

  • Come on get Verizon people there the fastest. Sprint Sucks Camel toe

  • I did three videos of the sprint 4G LTE speed test in the New York area. There is no official release in this area. But I have to say I'm very impressed.

  • Thank God i Switched to Verizon. Went from 2mbps on 3g on my S3, to 35mbps on my s3 for Verizon LTE.

  • ill save everyone some time, skip to 4:24.

  • I ditched sprint.Horrible service and VERY inconstent.Will be joining ATT or Verizon very soon with the Iphone 5.Most likely ATT though since it's SUPER fast near my house.Did a test speed on my neighbors Iphone 5 with ATT and it was omething like 30+ mbps down..Not sure what the up was but I think it was like 10-15.Can't wait to have my ATT and most important of all…CONSISTENCY!!!

  • Hey if you go to roselle IL you can get a really fast connection… when i tried speedtest last night i got 42 down and 12 up

  • this sucks . i have sprint and i hate it! ATT is so much faster it irritates the shit out of me!

  • its not lte, it says lte if it is, but its not. My old evo does the same thing, its HSPA+ (it changes to a better connection if it finds it) trust me.

  • Did you at least go to the casino? They were probably testing it. Waukegan and lake county just got it.

  • Who needs 4g? My iPhone 4 AT&T 3G in the northern Chicago burbs gets 3-6.5 in my basement. Though the lte I played with was crazy fast.

  • My iPhone 4 ( no s) AT&T 3G northern Chicago burbs gets 3-6 in my basement.

  • regular 4g outside of chicago on the old evo 4g was 5-7Mbps

  • Is LTE rare in America for sprint or just in that area? My uk 3G network gets 4mb up and 4mb down with a 70 ping

  • I laugh at how i got 6.7 mbps on ATT 4G… with 3 bars.

  • Bad speeds. Looks like they get slowest LTE reputation. When will Sprint be decent?

  • The upload speeds are solid but I do better either way on T-mobile 3G, typically average between 3.5 to 4.5 Mbps.

  • The same thing happened to me in Indiana on the 4th of July, i used the browser and it was really fast.

  • You talk too much, just get to the point!

  • I found a good Sprint 4G LTE speed test! CHECK IT OUT! AMAZING SPEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Those speeds are from 4G network, plus some buildings have DAS. This is an indoor antenna system for better service where their is a large group of people.

  • Sprint is deploying LTE on 5X5 chunks of PCS spectrum. AT&T and Verizon deploy LTE on 10X10 700mhz spectrum, so to begin with, sprint doesn't have much capacity for LTE. The good news is, once they start seeing 3G demand fall, they can refarm their spectrum and put it to a 10X10 LTE carrier and be fairly competitive with LTE. Otherwise, take these results as the norm.

  • He's on LTE look at the photo's of the Evo 4G LTE press photos and it looks like his status bar

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