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STRANGE NEW WORLDS (2024 Playoffs) | NHL 24 | San Francisco Starfleet LIVE Franchise Mode #4

Welcome to episode #4 of our brand new LIVE Franchise Mode series on NHL 24 with the San Francisco Starfleet! Join us every Thursday at 7pm EST live here on YouTube to add your thoughts as the series unfolds, or leave them after the fact on Youtube/Discord!

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4 thoughts on “STRANGE NEW WORLDS (2024 Playoffs) | NHL 24 | San Francisco Starfleet LIVE Franchise Mode #4

  • If you give someone X-Factors manually, will the game still give or take them away automatically? Or will they keep your changes?

  • Sam Girard has simulated extremely well in every franchise mode I have had back to nhl 22.

  • Just to continue on what has been discussed at the end of the stream, having 4 players off the same nationality (1 per line) gets tricky when you want to make line changes. Putting in a max of 3 players of the same nationality would help bring more flexibility when you want/need to make some changes.

    If we go that way, considering how Samoskevich is ready to make the team, if you draft McIntyre, that's already 2 Americans (maybe McIntyre takes a year to make the club but he should get there fast), that leaves a spot for either Dvorak or Moore and means trading the other + Mittlestadt + Milano.

    Moore had a good season and is on a decent contract but, in a pefect world, he's probably a 2nd line player, which means less production and a drop in his overall. This is why I thought we should jump on his high value to get a mid 1st round and, basically, swap him for McIntyre. You could then use your current 1st round picks on guys like Helenius, Brandsegg-Nygard, Muggli, etc.

    At this point, Greig should be traded while he still has value. Veleno is gone for sure. Not sure Nino is worth 4m$, especially if we put him on line 3. I'd prefer to pay extra to get a guy like Terravainen for line 2.

    Terravainen-Dvorak-Maybe Tarasenko while we wait for McIntyre
    Puljujarvi-Maybe Monahan or Stephenson-Kubalik or Nino
    Allison and Kunin as spares.

    This would give you way more flexibility to play with the lines.

    Girard, Pesce, Peeke and Romanov can all stay but I agree that Valimaki and Harley could be moved if we find something better… Maybe we take a swing on Boqvist in Columbus? Brannstrom in Ottawa?

    As for goalies, you should trade Dostal while he has value and sign someone for the AHL. Thompson and Knight should be able to get the job done.

    Looking forward to see what surprises you'll spring on us in the offseason!

  • So Avery McIntyre can be linked to either Professor McIntyre from Enterprise, he taught in Brazil on Earth. OR he is named McIntyre but takes the first name Avery as he is from Avery III in the Delta Quadrant

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