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The SIG LMG-68 Light Machine Gun: Next Gen Firepower

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves gets to take the SIG LMG-68 for a test drive at SIG Academy in New Hampshire. We talk to members of the design team about the LMG-68’s development, history, production, and capabilities. As previously reported on The Firearm Blog by Matt Moss:

“The LMG-68 can be chambered in both SIG’s 6.8x51mm Hybrid and 7.62x51mm, requiring only a barrel change and no change to the bolt. The LMG-68 takes the MG-338’s technology and compresses it into a package the size of an M249. It weighs around 12lbs and some weight saving measures have been taken to achieve this with the carrying handle removed. Like its bigger brother, it has an aluminum receiver but has a hammer forged steel, 16in barrel, also with a manganese phosphate finish. The weapon uses the same ‘starter belt’ system. It uses the same short-stroke gas piston system and also has a similar recoil mitigation system and internal buffer which reportedly brings down its felt recoil to that of an M4 Carbine – 2ft.lbs. It has a side folding stock and a collapsed length of 37in. It can be mounted with the RK2000 fire control unit or a Romeo BT on its full-length 12 o’clock pic rail, it also had an M-LOK forend. It has two gas settings, like all these weapons, suppressed and unsuppressed. SIG describe it as “optimized for high-pressure high-velocity ammunition. The weapon can mount the new MIL-SLX68-QD suppressor.”

0:00 Loading and Charging
0:57 Overview
3:05 Features, Front to Back
7:42 Suppressor Technology
8:15 Firing, Caliber Changing
9:53 Interview with Engineer, Jackie McNally


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