Top 5 Must-Know Cloud Computing Trends for 2024

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What are the top Cloud Computing trends of 2024? In this video, I walk though 5 trends to watch out for — with free resources below!

Which cloud trend is your favorite? Please let me know in the comments below! 😊

▬▬▬ Free Resources 📖 ▬▬▬
• AWS Skillbuilder – Introduction to AI: https://explore.skillbuilder.aws/learn/course/external/view/elearning/1423/introduction-to-artificial-intelligence
• Amazon Machine Learning University: https://aws.amazon.com/machine-learning/mlu/
• What is Edge Computing? https://aws.amazon.com/what-is/edge-computing/

▬▬▬ Timestamps ⏱ ▬▬▬
0:00 Introduction
1:14 Trend 1: AI / ML Integration in Cloud Services
2:52 Trend 2: AI Models more accessible through Cloud
3:53 Trend 3: Everything-as-a-Service Model
5:14 Sponsor – Equinix Metal
6:27 Trend 4: Multi-Cloud
7:49 Trend 5: Edge Computing

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22 thoughts on “Top 5 Must-Know Cloud Computing Trends for 2024

  • Hi Lucy,

    What are your thoughts on more companies moving to on-prem or private cloud setups? What does it mean to cloud providers?

  • Thank you for another great video Lucy! These are very interesting trends to definitely keep in mind as I continue my AWS studies! Be well, be safe and Cheers!

  • Thank you very much Lucy for updating the Cloud services. Love you & your videos…

  • What do you recommend to me : learn Ai , learn cloud computing, learn blockchain or learning cybersecurity? I am new into the tech world!

  • Hey Lucy I just got started with Azure fundamentals i decided to go quick it cause their certification are a little bit cheaper for me to obtain right now,

  • Your videos have been one of my best inspiration for getting into cloud. I just got my aws cloud practitioner cert.
    Please which ai/ml can I study relevant to cloud? Thank you

  • was confused between cloud and software, just got my answer ❤

  • Love the Video, Lucy! Thanks for taking the time to make it. I am currently in South Africa and working with AWS, I managed to run a project with Humanoid Robotics and Generative AI! Was pretty amazing!

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