Top free Google Games available within browser

Are you wondering what free Google Games are available within the browser? Many are unaware of the free Google games available within the Chrome browser. Usually, at the mention of the word “Google”, the search engine itself, Google Docs, Gmail, and probably YouTube easily come to the minds of many people.

Top free Google Games available within browser

10 best free Google Games available within browser

The extensive list of free Google games gets the least attention, and this is largely because so many people do not know about them. There are many of these free games of different genres. Here are the best free Google Games available for you to play within browsers:

  1. T-Rex
  2. Garden Gnome
  3. Tic-Tac-Toe
  4. Minesweeper
  5. Atari Breakout
  6. Solitaire
  7. Snake
  8. PAC-MAN
  9. Zerg Rush
  10. Google Cricket

1] T-Rex

T Rex

No doubt, this is the most popular Google game that almost every Chrome user is familiar with. T-Rex is a dash game, and it is not as hidden as other games that are accessible through various Google links. It is a simple game that starts slowly but gets more challenging as you reach a higher score. Interestingly, playing the game on the Chrome browser requires no internet.

The interface is such that a dinosaur-like object is running at an increasing speed, and the task involves jumping over traps of different sizes that could stop the dinosaur and end the game. Overall, the experience is fun. When you open a Chrome browser without internet, enter a web page; then you will see the “No Internet” page with the dino sitting at the top. A single tap on the dino will start the game on a mobile device, while the space bar is used to start and play the game on a computer.

2] Garden Gnome

Garden Gnome

Garden Gnome is one of those free Google games that are surprisingly addictive. The game is based on a German folklore that suggests that garden gnomes are nocturnal protectors of the Earth. It is believed that gnomes can protect a garden and bring good luck. The game is such an interesting one, but it can only be accessed through the Internet.

You can play the game on either a mobile device or a PC. When the page opens, click on the red play button to start the game. A video will explain the origin of garden gnomes; then you can start by launching the gnomes with a catapult to a target distance in the garden. The experience is fun.

3] Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic Tac Toe

This game is considered time-consuming because it is very interesting and addictive. It is a perfect game to kill time. The technique is the same as the normal Tic Tac Toe game, and Google only brought it into the digital world. It is also one of the free Google games that require internet access to play them. You can access the game through Google Search. Enter “Tic Tac Toe” in the search box and the game will be displayed as a featured result.

It has different difficulty levels, including Easy, Medium, and Impossible. At any of these levels, you are playing with an AI-powered player. However, you can also explore the “Play against a friend” option to enable multiplayer mode and allow you to play with a friend on the same device.

4] Minesweeper


Minesweeper is a classic computer game that features a grid of clickable tiles with hidden mines scattered throughout the game board. The aim is to clear a minefield or mine board without detonating any of the hidden mines. It requires logic to determine which tiles are safe to click on and otherwise.

Like other free Google games, the game also requires Internet connection to be able to play it. Open Google Search, enter “Play Minesweeper” in the search box, then the game will be displayed as a featured result.

5] Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout is a classic arcade video game that can also be played on a browser via Google Search. It is a block-breaking video game, and a blue paddle beneath the screen is moved back and forth along the horizontal axis to hit the ball.

The game can be played on both mobile devices and computer desktops. Open Google Search and enter “Atari Breakout” in the search box. Click on the first result on the page that says “Play Google Atari Breakout Game”. The game will then open, and you can start playing.

6] Solitaire


Solitaire is a well-known card game, a classic game that can be enjoyed by both mobile and desktop users. It can be easily accessed on any browser via Google Search. Simply type “Solitaire” in the search box and press Enter to display the result.

The game will be displayed as a featured result. Click on Play to open the game. You will be asked to choose a difficulty level between EASY and HARD. It has a friendly interface, so if you are a fan of card games, you might want to check it out.

7] Snake

Google Snake

Google Snake is another free Google game that can be played on a browser like Chrome and others. It also requires an internet connection, and it can be played by both mobile and desktop users. It is also very interesting and addictive, and it has a friendly cartoon interface.

Simply enter “Google Snake” in the search box on the Google Search web page. The game will be displayed as a featured result, and you can click on Play to open Google Snake.



Here is another one on the list of free Google games within browser. PAC-MAN is an action maze chase video game that can be played via Google Search on either a mobile device or a PC. Simply type “PAC-MAN” in the search box and press Enter to display the results. The game will be displayed as a featured result. Click on the Play button to open it.

9] Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush

This game is simple but can also be challenging. It begins with some o-shaped objects dropping down the search results. The aim is to ensure that the objects do not touch the search results, so you have to prevent the search results from being erased.

You can play Zerg Rush on a mobile device or a PC via Google Search. Type “Zerg Rush” in the search box and press the Enter key to display the results. Click on the first result, Play “Zerg Rush” by Google to open the game.

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10] Google Cricket

Google Cricket

Google Cricket is another interesting game on the list of free Google games available within the browser. The interface of the game is friendly, and it can be quite addicting. You can play the game via Google Search. Enter “Google Cricket” in the search box, click on the first result, “Champions Trophy Cricket Game” to play the game.

Finally, there are more free Google games. However, the ones discussed here are some of the top games that can be played on a mobile or desktop browser. You can check out any of them in your free time to have fun. Good luck.

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Does Google have free games?

Google offers free games that you can enjoy on a web browser. There are various games that you can enjoy on either a PC or mobile device through Google Search. These games include Garden Gnome, Tic-Tac-Toe, Solitaire, Google Cricket, and many more.

How do I play Google free games?

You can play Google free games via Google Search. input the game you want to play in the text field. For example, you can search for Tic-Tac-Toe and the game or the link to the game will appear usually as the first result.

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