TS 10 – Debate: Trade Secrets or Open Innovation – 15th GIPC | New Delhi | Innovate, Protect, Scale

Join us for a riveting debate on Trade Secrets vs. Open Innovation, featuring eminent speakers Prof. Dr. Anindya Sircar, Subhadip Sarkar, and Biju K. Nair hosted at a prestigious event, this debate delves into the nuances of protecting intellectual property and fostering innovation in today’s competitive landscape.
In this session, Prof. Dr. Anindya Sircar passionately argues in favour of Trade Secrets, citing real-world examples and the need for structured innovation. He emphasises the importance of confidentiality and control in driving commercial success.
On the other hand, Biju K. Nair advocates for Open Innovation, highlighting its benefits in fostering collaboration and accelerating product development. He shares examples of successful open innovation models and their impact on industries like technology and healthcare.
Throughout the debate, the audience actively engages, raising questions and offering insights, making this session not just informative but also interactive.

source by Global IP Convention

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