Tuesday Tech Tip – Setting up iSCSI with Ubuntu and Houston

Each Tuesday, we will be releasing a tech tip video that will give users information on various topics relating to our Storinator storage servers.

In this week’s tech tip, Mitch is back to talk about setting up iSCSI. In this tutorial, Mitch walks you through the process of setting up an iSCSI target server on Ubuntu Linux (featuring some help from Houston). iSCSI is different than file system-based storage as its more suited for block storage. The main purpose of iSCSI is to push files out to as many applications at once.

Fresh Install Script: https://knowledgebase.45drives.com/kb/kb045290-configuring-fresh-install-of-ubuntu-20-04lts-for-houston-ui/

Ubuntu iSCSI Guide : https://knowledgebase.45drives.com/kb/kb450300-setup-iscsi-storage-server-on-ubuntu-20-04-lts/

Multipathing iSCSI : https://knowledgebase.45drives.com/kb/kb450300-configure-iscsi-multi-path-on-ubuntu-20-04-lts/

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