VW Bus Restoration – Episode 73 – Goodbyes | MicBergsma

Welcome to episode 73 of our 1967 VW Bus restoration YouTube Series!
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~RETRO SOUNDS (radio system)
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~WAGENSWEST (Lowering / suspension parts)


~KOCH’S (steering wheel restoration)
~ BUTTY’S BITS (Throttle Cable Guide Roller Kit / Throttle Kit)


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~ GRUMPY’S METAL (21/23 window conversion / deluxe trim kit)
~ WEST COAST WIPERS (Wiper service / restoration)
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Aloha! My channel is a mix of How To Videos, DIY, Tutorials, Product Reviews, Travels, Vlogs, Adventures, my VW Bus, and more! With most videos focused on helping people learn how to improve their videography or photography skills with various cameras, equipment, and accessories! I specialize in GoPro tutorials, Sony cameras, DJI Quadcopters, Apple iPhones, and more! I put subtitles on most of my videos because I am 90% deaf and I use sign language to communicate. I currently reside with my wife Lori in the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. Hit the subscribe button to join me on my next adventure!

Filmed by Mitch + Lori Bergsma
Edited on Final Cut Pro X on Mac

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VW Bus Restoration – Episode 73 – Goodbyes | MicBergsma


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31 thoughts on “VW Bus Restoration – Episode 73 – Goodbyes | MicBergsma

  • so, does anyone know why we are only seeing videos date stamped in 2022 in 2024? is it actually finished, according to Amazon it is!

  • It can't be that the release lever on the gearbox has to be milled off because the engine doesn't fit. If the dimensions are kept exactly, everything must fit neatly into each other without rivets blocking the motor. Before the engine goes in, it is always necessary to check the gearshift first if all gears go in cleanly.

  • Every relationship goes through hard times every now & then,, I have watched every episode from the very beginning & you have all come a long way,, your so close to finishing the dream you had so long ago, stay the path & pick all the good memories when your done,, 👍❤️

  • The fans of this project know a little about waiting for things. It's taken you almost two years to post a video you shot in March 2022.

  • I saw that u stopped at a Pilot I work at the one in Murfreesboro, tn

  • biggest problem you had from my own experience with my business is that it’s very difficult to do both restoration work and collision work in the same building!!!!! the insurance jobs pay more money and are always emergency type deals. the long term restoration jobs don’t pay as well and therefore get put on the back burner. a 2 year job suddenly becomes 4….. just the way that goes. i eventually quit doing insurance work, just to much of a distraction/disruption from long term restoration jobs.
    roberts a good guy, he just has two many hats on at the same time. he would do better if he separated the two business deals in two different locations with different crews in each location. your deal with kona was just one of those weird situations that good people get into sometimes where nobody wins.

  • I'm sorry about the stress on your project. Restoring an old bus isn't for the faint of heart… I've restored a few old VW's over the years, and I only farm out transmission rebuilds. It's really almost impossible to set a deadline on this type of job. All the best and looking forward to seeing you driving 😊

  • You were so lucky to work on Kona in the shop. Most people will say no because of insurance purposes and got to know all those great people. Good luck, don't leave nothing out let us know

  • I completely shut my shop down and the reason was what has caused this problem the shop was more focused on the Insurance jobs I couldn't stand it anymore putting up with those corporate Morons not being able to work on my own projects or anyone else's besides wrecks it gets old very quickly. This job in itself should have only taken at most 2 years in a shop that supposedly specializes in VW's it is now going on 4 someone's priorities have been taken over by external entities Mich should be a hell of a lot more Pissed than what he is all these other people who own shops batching about him your fool's who are slaves to the Insurance company's you may like it but that doesn't mean a customer has to put up with that Bullshit.

  • I did not think you would ever leave that shop with that truck. Hope it was worth it

  • Kona is a masterpiece. Congrats to you and Skinner Classics. You are an expert storyteller and I’m here til the happy ending!

  • Darn…what a setback, what a blow up….
    Hopefully everything will go well with Lori's operation (big thumbs up for Lori from Antwerp – Belgium and a speedy recovery wished) Come on Mitch…don't lose heart either…everything will be alright, let's put our minds on Lori for a while and then let's get back to work. Paris and Rome were not built in one day and you see how beautiful they are years later…that will happen with you too. Cheer up both of you…health comes first, the rest will come naturally. 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  • As a side note about close captioning. It must be done by AI so if it cant hear you it either doesn't bother or screws it up. I watxh another show where the husband talks fast and its often wrong and its understandable because even I couldn't make out what he said with it turned up. Many times in this episode I couldn't understand what you where saying I just knew it was emotional.

  • A shame to let a disagreement over paint sour a good relationship.

  • Its been a long journey for all of us but you guys lived it. I think Robert went above and beyond and being that vehicle is going to be like a new vehicle in the end every one at that shop except maybe Dom should be proud. I hope you look back in years and remember the good stuff as well. I look forward to seeing it completed.

  • Don’t give up Mitch & Lori! I’ll be waiting for more episodes and so ya take a break 1st. Focus on life back and lower stress.

    Get well Lori after surgery 🤠👍

    I has watched all episodes, I know it’s sad to leave that shop and good memories with them. Claudio is the master auto body work and he’s the best.

    I’m your fan to ya Mitch & Lori. 🤠👍

  • Wow amazing bro So Welcome to our Oregon state ❤❤❤ but we lot of Snow this month geez .. keep safe Bro ❤️🤙🫶

  • This video was almost as objectionable as the one in which you said that Lori had left you. I'm impressed with how many scenes in this video include the red VW Beetle convertible behind you. It's difficult to listen to the complaints when Robert allowed you to drive his car around. For me, you haven't made your case that Robert and the shop mistreated you. Indeed, this video screams the old adage: There are two sides to every story.

  • Was crying with ya Mitch! So many good times and what a beautiful country you have too! Cant wait for the next update! 🤙❤🇬🇧

  • I can't believe Robert didn't drop everything going on in his shop, his business where he makes a living and tell everyone to stop what they were doing and work on your bus so that you could meet your deadline. How rude ! After 16 months of letting you and sometimes your wife live at his shop, use his equipment, tools, electricity, water, paint facility, drive his car, stay at his house and drive you around, it's the absolute least he could have done. I can't believe how ungrateful he is and only thinking of himself.

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