We are not friends. – ROG Ally Z1

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The ROG Ally Z1 Extreme has a ton of hype around it and is the handheld PC that Linus has been daily driving, but ASUS recently released a cheaper non-extreme model that’s… a much harder sell. Will the performance drop be worth $100 or is this an easy pass?

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0:00 Reviews have been harsh
0:20 Unboxing and buttons/ports
1:29 Difference between the Z1 and Z1 Extreme
3:05 Sponsor – Antlion Audio
3:34 LABS gaming and battery tests
5:14 LABS display and thermal test results
6:21 Command center and external GPU
6:53 Pricing woes and overall thoughts
7:43 Outro

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41 thoughts on “We are not friends. – ROG Ally Z1

  • The lack of native game pass support just kills the steam deck for me. But the Ally doesn't seem to be a good alternative either. I feel like the play right now is to wait for some 2nd gen devices.

  • Wondering what's that TV in the background? The thin bezel looks so neat and awesome!!

  • Thank you for reinforcing my decision in getting the OLED steam deck.

  • Asus does not provide support to its products. Bought (and returned) Asus notebook for about 2K bucks recently. Its touchpad was not working so I tried to follow several fix videos on youtube. SOME OF THEM WERE OVER 4 YEARS OLD AND ASUS STILL DID NOT FIX THE PROBLEM! Why would anyone buy a hardware from such company?

  • For me its either the Legion Go for its 144hz giant screen or its the steamdeck Oled. nothing else seems worth its dollar value

  • Another reason why I think that Linus' whole transparency thing about making their info better and making LABS better was just a PR move and nothing is changing. This is the 3rd video in the past week that has either conflicting info or info that is only applicable to this specific video and can't be used elsewhere.

    For example, the video playback, why is it that in this video they used a 720p video but in a different video they are using a 480p video for this same test? You NEED to standardize on a format, ya know, its why they call it standardizing.

    In other videos they are letting simple shit by that they got in trouble about before, then bragging about having the "ECC Squad" and that they are going to help "so much" just to find out that they either aren't looking at videos and passing them through or this was just another PR stunt to keep people happy.

    TLDR; LABS info is garbage and can not be relied upon for actual info that can be compared against other products.

  • What about the lenovo one? Can you guys do a review on that

  • Bros trippen out preforms the steam deck in almost everything

  • This looks cool.
    Maybe make one the size of a phone so we can fit it in are pocket.
    No need to hack those consoles. For emulators. That was annoying.
    play PC games on the go.

  • My Z1X is killing it. Watching this on the Ally's display, while playing Halo on an external one with kb&m. The price definitely hurt, but it was absolutely worth it for me.

  • Z1 Extreme is faster at 15W than this one at 30W. So clearly no, power efficiency is even worse. They likely have to push clock speeds way higher, outside efficiency zone, to achieve even simmilar performance – given that they have 1/4th of GPU cores.

    And yes, at same 25W it will do longer, but for someone caring only about battery life they'd be better of buying Z1 extreme and running it in low power mode.

  • What's up with the plots for battery runtime? Timestamp: 4:02, they sit at 100% for differing timescales, and both show similar behaviour of suddenly dropping, plateauing for a while, and then dropping beyond that point. Is this just a peculiary with the readouts of the battery life?

  • Just buy Steam Deck, Windows Handhelds are shit

  • I love my ROG….however….i find myself playing my AYN Odin Pro and Steam Deck more. It’s the first factor for me and with deck…the up and compatibility. I dunno. And it’s light. ROG weighs as much as one of my kids.

  • "Under powered and overpriced"
    Apple: "Finally! A Worthy Opponent! Our Battle Will Be Legendary!"

  • Isn't it kinda too late? or I'm missing something …

  • The guy who buy the non extreme version to save 100$ then argues about pirating games and proceding to spend that 100 dollars in 2 shit unoptimized aaa games.

  • After the debacle with their motherboards I would never trust hardware made by ASUS.

  • Black Friday prices on BB reflect that expected diff in cost that Linus suggests – for anyone interested in this thing

  • I’m standing my ground in never buying an ASUS product again and the negative reviews of this product proves that they still suck.

  • Asus Rog Ally Z1 Extreme aka my Baldur's Gate 3 on the go machine

  • ROG pulled a reverse oled steam deck by having less performance and the same battery duration

  • love my z1 extreme version. Been playing everything on it, and loving the switch emulation on it. Amazing device.

  • Thats $449 u.s. thats a great price im day one owner z1 extreme and never had one issue, love my steam deck as well and have a limited edition coming.

  • I have the SD card issue with Steam Deck as well, two cards already died.

  • People don't bother buying ASUS just get a OLED STEAM DECK and be happy.

  • you have hit on my bone of contention with most devices you cant replace the power cord with another even if the one provided is painfully short.
    its lighting the screen that takes all the power thats why the steam deck is now useing an OLED and the response times go up as well.

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