Why Bitcoin Was Created

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00:00 Why Bitcoin Exists
01:22 Birth Of Bitcoin
04:11 Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?
06:44 Decentralization
09:54 Peer to Peer Network
11:43 Store of Value
13:26 Blockchain Technology
15:44 Bitcoins Early Days
17:40 First Bitcoin Auction
18:09 Bitcoin Pizza Day
18:52 Silk Road
19:54 Censorship Resistance
21:03 Modern Perception of Bitcoin
21:50 Bitcoin is Digital Gold
24:55 New Narrative
26:57 Bitcoins Original Purpose

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simple network management protocol

27 thoughts on “Why Bitcoin Was Created

  • Teach yourself Bitcoin before educating others. Blackrock owns zero bitcoin. ETF is fiat in and fiat out only.

  • Total amount of Bitcoin is 21 million. There is no chance of print new Bitcoin. That's OK. But, (a big but), the numbers has no end. Those 21 million Bitcoin could be divided as much as wanted. Who's to say we won't see a billionth of a Satoshi in the future? And how is this different from printing new money?

  • Regarding your censorship part, I recall when PayPal got caught around 2022 where they were going to fine customers $2500 if they found something on social media that PayPall didn't like. When they were exposed, of course they lied and denied it. But that was enough for me so I closed my long time account and will never use them again. I am sure there are many others like it.

  • Bitcoin is used by criminals. Current banking system is ~run~ by criminals.

  • Bitcoin is seperation of state and money but degens focus on gambling and getting rich quick.

  • Everything you need to know about Bitcoin in less than 30 minutes.

  • Nicely said Heidi. Blows my mind that many are still "touchy" about the need for censorship resistance. Where have they been living for the past few years.

  • This woman is very knowledgeable and can't be right enough. I have been pondering on this question about Bitcoin for years. I believe God is behind the person who created Bitcoin and God Himself might have told him to hide his identity for a complete decentralization. Bitcoin is the best mystery thing ( like freedom & opportunity) that has ever happened in this world, against the evil practice by human beings. Thank you sister.

  • “Just think of a spider.” Which you obviously sourced from The Starfish and the Spider.

  • I love you guys but BTC is crap by now.
    BCH is the real Bitcoin.

    BTC will never be 1 million $

  • Why would anyone dislike government? Could it be because they tax you to the point of poverty perhaps?or because they're never satisfied with how much they tax you and come up with new ways to tax you even more? All of the above?

  • Kaspa (KAS)… the peer to peer torch is being passed to the trilema solver.

  • We need more education like this showing the people the real values of Bitcoin excellent video! 💯 thank you

  • Outstanding video! This is what crypto was all about in the beginning. Not like these people in the space today that want regulations. They are only out to make money instead of securing a good future

  • At the recent "New Bretton Woods" meeting … "…When we created Bitcoin…" Who do you thing REALLY created Bitcoin and WHY?

  • WOW! You ask for comments. I comment and you remove it. I must have hit a nerve. The true sometimes hurts. The answer to my question "Why" is. If they told the truth and told us who Satoshi was / is. They could no longer use the untruth that Bitcoin is decentralized!

  • Thanks guys
    Cold storage = best way to store your crypto.
    Cold storage = also for freezing people 🙃

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