10 thoughts on “How to fix Openstack Login Error An error occurred authenticating Please try again later

  • If ./rejoin-stack.sh is not working, Just navigate to /opt/stack/keystone/bin & execute keystone-all .

  • Thank you, thank you for sharing this. You saved me from reinstalling Ubuntu/Icehouse numerous times!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hello mate, I had this problem but when I tried to execute ./rejoin-stack.sh it appears in the screen a loading state but suddenly this error appears " no handlers could be found for logger ' heat.common.config" ' , the process continues but it stays blocked for 2 hours in this state in the terminal

     log_opt_values /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/oslo/config/cfg.py:2002
    2014-12-17 20:10:22.220 5964 INFO heat.api.cloudwatch [-] Starting Heat CloudWatch API on

    please could you help me

  • all that I need, thanks very much! 🙂

  • all that I was looking for….thanks a ton…it worked just the way I wanted it to

  • i have tryed as you suggested on 12.10, now i can ./rejoin-stack.sh, but if i try to access to horizon, the login fails and ubuntu says kayston-all is closed unexpectedly

  • It seems solved by using ubuntu 12.0.4. I'll try your solution to with 12.10

  • Are you running as root?
    Copy stack-screenrc from /opt/stack/devstack/stack-screenrc in to devstack and run re-join.
    # cp /opt/stack/devstack/stack-screenrc devstack/
    #cd devstack
    # ./rejoin-stack.sh

  • Hi. I got this error "Login Error An error occurred authenticating Please try again later" once i restart ubuntu after openstack installation using devstack. If i try to run "rejoin", i got a massage says about "have you run stack.sh yet?", and so i can't run "rejoin".
    How can i fix? Tnx a lot, and sorry if i'm not clear, i'm not english

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