Ubuntu Touch – Google Pixel 3a (Sargo) – OTA-22 (2022-04-15)

Ubuntu Touch (OTA-22) running on a Google Pixel 3a (Sargo)

Device Page: https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io/device/sargo/

Installation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdNGSdYCaDY

OpenStore: https://open-store.io/

OTA-22 Release: https://ubports.com/blog/ubports-news-1/post/ubuntu-touch-ota-22-release-3835

Music (with vocals): https://soundcloud.com/ubports/lets-bring-back-the-touch

0:00 Intro
0:40 Lock screen
0:52 Bluetooth
1:27 Camera / NOTE: Video playback audio out of sync
2:37 Network Connections
3:17 Video chat (browser)
4:10 Fingerprint Reader
4:52 Lights and Sensors
5:17 Apps
6:40 Terminal
7:25 Calling
8:21 On-screen Keyboard
9:27 GPS


42 thoughts on “Ubuntu Touch – Google Pixel 3a (Sargo) – OTA-22 (2022-04-15)

  • I have exactly the same model, and tried 3 times without success, how did you do it?PLEASE!

  • Excellent video! Very interested in this topic.

  • Biggest problem with these alternative mobile OS is web browser. If they just had a great web browser, it could defeat the need for all these apps. It's why I'm quite sad Mozilla gave up on Firefox OS, it's probably the one that could've survived. A lot of apps are web apps anyway.

  • Can you connect a phone carrier to it?

  • I tried to upgrade but couldn’t get Webber or tweaks to work on my pixel 3a xl so I reverted back to 16.4 as a cell the new vertion works great but the lack of apps and Webber was to huge to get past

  • if you install ubuntu on the phone, can you go back to android if you don't like it?

  • Net hunter is a better option for me because you can use a desktop version off kaly in kex manager With USB hub you can plug Mouse keyboard screen etc etc

  • Have you tried STEAM? :):)
    Nice review, thanks for posting. I think any Linux device although has to be reviewed honestly and fairly, it should be treated a little bit specially. It should be treated more like a tablet/laptop operating system than a mobile os. After all it is a fully operationl Linux. And Linux has its laws.And I mean laws/features. The command line is not an old relic of the past, for nerds no. it is the powershell, you can connect to all neighboring devices in worldwide network using ssh and control them remotely through terminal, and complete serious jobs this way, it allows you to run all sorts of scripts that automate different tasks. You can use it as a desktop Video editing apps, Audio editing, Photo editing. etc… I am wondering not about ubuntu touch mobile capabilities, I wonder, can I run Libreoffice? Krita, Gimp, Blender, Kdenlive, okular for reading pdfs and comic books. Can it run LMMS the music creation studio? Or all useful terminal/TUI apps, like Lynx for extrafast websearches, or Nethack, Cmatrix, for some terminal fun, or can I run QUAKE using Quakespasm engine? Does Firefox work? or other browsers? Falkon, Chromium QuteBrowser… Can I multitask on it? you know, watch a video, make notes from it, edit a spreadsheet, and compile a program with gcc? you know, a programmers/hacker workflow, or graphic/video designer workflow. Also I am wondering about customizbility, can I set a tiling window manager on it? like qtile, i3. Or different Desktop Environment like XFCE, MATE? does apt package manager work? Can you change login manager? Can you clone a repo from github, build and install and run it on UT? Are there some appimages that might work? You know all the linux stuff!! And I didn't mention WINE, LUTRIS, Steam Anbox/Waydroid. I know Arm has some limitations, because many of those apps were built for different architecture, but I hear some of them have arm versions and might work, and I would like to see how ubuntu touch is different from a desktop linux!
    I know I am little bit spoiled and I expect from you(and from UT) to, much, but If you would like to make few more tests I would (and I think some more Linux fans too) appreciate your contribution.
    Linux has very powerful capabilities, and it would be awesome to see some of that power in the pocket. Not the mobile stuff. The Linux stuff!

  • Great video bro. But clean the phone before recording 👍🏻

  • Is dual sim supported on ubuntu touch?

  • Hi I'd like to know if there is a monochrome mode on ubuntu touh device ?

  • the UI look similar old miui i think

  • I know, that people are getting really excited about UT even working, but I have different questions…
    Can I change this ,,side panel" orientation to horizontal? I like Unity layout, but on a PC… The gestures & looks are nice, but if only this panel can be horizontal…
    While I appreciate Ubuntu design & the fact, that they were trying Ubuntu aesthetics on mobile, I kinda like the ,,basic" layout a bit more, ore the one like in Sailfish OS.
    Can you change a wallpaper? I mean… Is it a fully functional experience? I honestly begin to consider getting 3a to try it. I would prefer 4a, but as far as I see It's not supported yet.

    Actually I would prefer to run Debian underneath, but If the most polished experience is Ubuntu I kinda don't have a choice…

  • Finally my Ubuntu computers get a new Ubuntu friend 💪🤗

  • hi, great video, but is the system fhs?, are the apps compatible if they are arm or must they be compiled specifically for ubuntu touch?, docker can be used?

  • Corny ahh operating system 🤣🤣🤣

  • I really look forward to a time where we have 5 different mobile OSs… I miss windows mobile, I miss symbian, I miss blackberry.

  • Can we connect to the big screen with hdmi and use the desktop interface?

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