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Isha’s Product Training for Dynatrace Software Day 2 Video.Call/WhatsApp on +91-8019952427 to enroll

Isha’s Product Training for Dynatrace Software Day 2 Video On 27th November 2023
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Live project support is provided on any performance testing tools and also any protocols under the roof
Other Courses Offered by ISHA

1) Performance Engineering Course

2) Cloud Performance Engineering in DevOps – Core to Master Level

3) AppDynamics

4) Dynatrace

5) Jmeter Core to Master Level

6) Performance Testing using LoadRunner

7) Advanced LoadRunner

8) Web Services Performance Testing using LoadRunner

9) SAPGUI protocol – Performance Testing for SAP applications Using LoadRunner

10) TruClient Protocol Using LoadRunner

11) Mobile Performance Testing using LoadRunner and JMeter

12) Performance Testing using NeoLoad

13) Splunk


15) Datadog


17)Mobile Automation with Appium

18)Manual Testing

19)Automated Performance : End user experience , Monitoring and Jenkins Pipeline execution – Crash Course

20)Silk Performer

21)Infrastructure and Network Analysis for Performance Engineers

Infrastructure and Network Analysis for Performance Engineers

22)Chaos Engineering

23).NET Performance Engineering

24)Java for Performance Engineers

25)Performance Testing with Gatling

26)Monitoring Made Easy

27)Selenium for Performance Testers and Leads

28)Winning New Performance Testing Clients and Presenting Performance Test Proposals

29)Crash Course On Performance Monitoring – End User Experience of Web and Mobile Apps

30)Practical Crash course on “Live Performance Testing Project”

31)Linux for Performance Testers/Functional Testers/SDET

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