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S01E04: RouterOS Inside Proxmox VE with Ansible. Advanced Proxmox automation with Ansible.

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S01E01: Devlab, beyound a homelab

S01E02: Proxmox Automation With Ansible

S01E03: Infrastructure and Networking automation with Ansible. Creating a Debian router with Ansible

S01E04: RouterOS Inside Proxmox VE with Ansible. Advanced Proxmox automation with Ansible.

S01E05: Deploying Proxmox VE with hardware assisted nested virtualization.

S01E06: Gitlab in Proxmox LXC with Ansible

S01E07: GitLab CI/CD Runner for RouterOS Update with Ansible

S01E08: Node.js development container with Ansible for Dashy

S01E09: Development Environment For Drupal and Laravel Lumen with Ansible

S01E10: A Python/AI development environment using Ansible. Writing an AI model competition script.

S01E11: Agentless Certificate authority with Ansible

S01E12: Trust your Authority (upcoming)

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